Yeast extract at a glance

Yeast extract is a versatile ingredient that is used as a seasoning ingredient in various foodstuffs including soups, sauces, ready meals and savoury snacks. It is made from the same fresh yeast that is used in bread, beer and wine production. Yeast extract is characterised by a savoury taste of its own and is used like a spice to round off the taste of food products. 

Yeast extract is a popular ingredient, so it’s more than likely that you’ve tasted it on many occasions. 

Natural components
from the yeast cell

Yeast extract is made up of natural components from the yeast cell: proteins, amino acids, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals. To produce yeast extract, the contents of the yeast cell are broken down by enzymes and the cell wall is removed. Simply put, yeast extract is made of natural components from the yeast cell without the surrounding cell wall. Among these components, it is primarily the mix of proteins and amino acids that provide yeast extract with its unique seasoning qualities.

Did you know…

Protein rich amino-acids are very important to create sumptuous taste in savoury foods. They create the taste of ripe tomatoes, ripened cheese and cooked meat.

Yeast extract –
an ideal taste giver

Yeast extract is a food ingredient that contains many taste-providing components. It offers multiple taste-giving properties and is therefore suitable for rounding off many different products. Thanks to its components coming from its basis, natural yeast, yeast extract has a rich mix of protein compounds. The amino acid profile and also the taste of yeast extract are actually very similar to a beef bouillon. One of the components that is responsible for the unique hearty taste is an amino acid called glutamic acid, which is naturally present in yeast as well as in yeast extract but is also present in many other foodstuffs such as cheese, tomatoes or soy sauce.

In a product’s ingredients label, yeast extract is mostly referred to as “yeast extract”, but sometimes also as “natural flavour”. As with herbs and spices, yeast extract has an intense taste of its own and is therefore used only in small amounts.